Learning to play a musical instrument can be challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort.
A quality instrument makes it easier, and renting makes it affordable.

Size Music Rental provides an easy, quick, affordable and secure way for students to hire Orchestral musical instruments online. You can rent a brass instrument such as a Trumpet, Trombone or French Horn; A woodwind instrument such as a Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Oboe or Saxophone; Or a string instrument such as a Violin, Viola or Cello.

All of our instruments are serviced and cleaned in our workshops, so you know they will look great and play perfectly when you get them. We only use the best quality instruments and the best brands such as Yamaha, Bach, Pearl, Buffet and Stravinsky.

When you rent from Size Music Rental, you don’t need to worry about extra shipping, servicing or repair costs, as we provide a free and fast, high quality, freight and maintenance service. Free postage is provided to all Australian locations including Melbourne, Victoria – Adelaide, South Australia – Sydney, New South Wales – Brisbane, Queensland – Perth, Western Australia – Canberra, ACT – Hobart, Tasmania – Darwin, Northern Territory, and all country areas.

Why rent? Musical instruments can be expensive to buy and maintain. You don’t need to buy a new or used instrument when learning to play. Renting an instrument is a small cost when compared to the price of buying an instrument, making it much more affordable. It means you can return the instrument if you decide to buy your own, or if it just doesn’t work out.

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Stringed instruments

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Woodwind instruments

Woodwind instruments available for rental include flutes, piccolos, clarinets, oboes and saxophones. All of our instruments are thoroughly cleaned ...

Brass wind instruments

Brass instruments available for rental include Trumpets, Trombones and French Horns. Our instruments are all cleaned and serviced in our own works...
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